Google Courses

K12 Continuing Education

Introduction to G-Suite

This introductory blended course examines how to use Google Apps in the 21st Century Classroom as digital tools enhancing collaboration, creativity, and improved student communication. This course will introduce educators to several free Google Tools, such as Google Drive, Maps, Sites, Blogger, Chrome Apps and extensions, and many more.

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Integrating G-Suite In Learning

This blended course is designed for the beginner/intermediate technology user who has been introduced to the power of Google apps, but desires more guided practice with a goal of higher proficiency. It promotes independence as it accelerates learners beyond the basics of G-Suite apps such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Forms, and YouTube while enhancing creativity, collaboration, and communication through the SAMR model.

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Transforming Learning with G-Suite

This blended course is for the intermediate technology user interested in expanding on the use of the Google Apps to transform learning. The course immerses participants in Google Apps to build interactive activities, templates and student-driven projects that promote higher level thinking skills and engages students in a modern-day learning environment. This course will examine the modern day learning concepts of gamification, hybrid, personalized and project based learning.

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