Transforming Learning with G Suite

Online – Oct 30, 2021

Class Overview

Course Code: T&L 2900, Transforming Learning with G Suite

Google 3

This course focuses on transforming lessons through creativity and collaboration!

This 3-credit graduate course is for the K-12 teacher interested in transforming classroom learning using GSuite. Teachers will learn how to utilize the more advanced functions in G Suite to create engaging interactive learning experiences for students.  

In this 6 week ONLINE course, participants will engage in weekly work and learning activities to fully understand the course content and skills. Participants will delve into personalized learning experiences and engage with peers to gain confidence as they empower students to be critical thinkers with colleagues, students, and the school community. 

Recommended Prerequisite: While not essential, we recommend completion of the PD Campus courses Introduction to G Suite for Education and Integrating G Suite into Learning. 

Learning Goals

Learning Goals

  • Innovate lessons by designing “digital breakout” experiences.
  • Create and Publish augmented reality tours to enhance curriculum.
  • Utilize Google Docs to create professional-quality documents to encourage sharing with a global audience.
  • HyperDocs 2.0: redesigning HyperDocs with Slides.
  • Utilize Google Sheets to collect and curate live content to publish on Google Sites.
  • Reflect on best practices and classroom management strategies.
  • Discuss and reflect on professional texts through book study discussions.


Course Cost


Class Location

The start and end dates mark the opening and closing meeting. A conflict with those dates should not deter enrollment.

Date and Time

  • Oct 30, 2021
  • Dec 09, 2021
  • (06:30 pm - 08:30 pm)
  • (06:30 pm - 08:30 pm)


This is a 100% online asynchronous course. Materials will be released weekly with optional instructor meetings.

Through our partnership with the University of North Dakota, we offer 3 graduate-level professional development credits for all of our courses. Upon courses completion, participants will receive an official University Transcript. Courses are also available in Non-credit version where participants can receive credit hours to submit for Act 48.