Teaching & Learning with iPads

BLaST IU17 – Mar 11, 2023

Class Overview

Course Code: EDUC 500: Teaching & Learning with iPads

This introductory iPad course is designed for classroom teachers to explore, practice and create content as it applies to the K-12 classroom. From basic management of the iPad to content creation, learners will develop an understanding how the iPad can transform teaching and learning and place students at the center of the process. Students will create movies, publish interactive books, create screencasts and presentations, and learn how to use the iPad to develop formative assessments. In doing so, Students will connect the content with pedagogical practices such as the SAMR model, where the iPad immerses students in the learning process.

These six learning modules will connect to the four domains of Danielson's Framework such as: planning and preparation, classroom environment, Instruction, and professional responsibilities.  Participants will document evidence of their work through online discussions, reflective journaling, and product creation.

Learning Goals

  • Explore the newest IOS operating system, accessibility features, management, and general functions
  • Compare and contrast the role of one iPad in a classroom, a shared iPad environment, and a 1:1 environment
  • Learn create ideas to use the iPad for teacher user only - create materials, presentations, engage students
  • Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity using apps as they apply to the SAMR model
  • Interact with an LMS to publish work, discuss and share ideas, and connect with learning communities
  • Interact in a paperless environment
  • Create and publish:  screencasts, movies, podcasts, interactive books, and presentations
  • Design and develop digital age learning formative assessments, digital workflow



Course Cost


Class Location

Williamsport Office 2400 Reach Road Williamsport, PA 17701

Date and Time

Mar 11, 2023
(09:00 am - 03:00 pm)


This course has 1 mandatory meeting, followed by 4 weeks online.

Through our partnership with the Harrisburg University, selected courses through PD Campus can be applied towards a Harrisburg University's Masters in Learning Technologies & Media Systems.