Google Courses

Introduction to G Suite

Google 1

This introductory blended course examines how to integrate Chromebooks in the 21st Century Classroom as digital tools to enhance collaboration, creativity, and student communication. This course will provide educators the opportunity to learn all of the main G Suite tools including Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites, and Google Classroom. Additionally, educators will learn to leverage apps and Chrome extensions to differentiate and personalize the ...

Integrating G Suite in Learning

This "Part 2" blended course is designed for the beginner/intermediate technology user who has been introduced to the power of Google apps but desires more guided practice with a goal of higher proficiency. It promotes independence as it accelerates learners beyond the basics of G-Suite apps such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Forms while enhancing creativity, collaboration, and communication through the SAMR model. Participants ...

Transforming Learning with G Suite

Google 3

This course focuses on transforming lessons through creativity and collaboration!

This 3-credit graduate course is for the K-12 teacher interested in transforming classroom learning using GSuite. Teachers will learn how to utilize the more advanced functions in G Suite to create engaging interactive learning experiences for students.  

In this 6 week ONLINE course, participants will engage in weekly work and learning activities ...