Media Productions with iPads

K12 Continuing Education



Location Start Date Class Details
East Penn SD, PA Nov. 6 2018 Learn More
Octorara SD, PA Apr. 24 2019 Learn More


This intermediate iPad course is designed to help classroom teachers integrate multimedia productions in their classroom. With the underlying principles of Project Based Learning, teachers will be able to redefine their classroom projects immediately while “hacking” their assessments. Participants will learn how to teach students to author their very own multimedia presentations and broadcast them to parents, schools, and other outside communities. As part of this course, participants will receive an iPad Multimedia kit to build a small classroom studio to help start creating high-quality video and audio immediately. This kit will include a green screen, microphone(s), and an iPad tripod.

As a prerequisite to this course, participants should have an iPad (iPad Air 2, Mini 2,3, or 4, or iPad Pros) and have a basic understanding of iPad features, settings, and functions.

This blended course will take place in both an online setting with discussions on the book Hacking Project Based Learning by Ross Cooper through our LMS, Schoology, as well as six face to face sessions (four in the summer) with a hands-on interactive approach. There is 3 ½ hours of online work per week. Participants will be actively engaged in creating these useful presentations for their classroom during the face to face sessions.

This course is ideal for any K-12 application. Whether you’re interested in flipping your classroom or redefining some of your classroom projects, take this course to take your Project Based Learning to the next level.


  • Create digital content for teachers to utilize as instructional tools for students including: podcasts, videos, news productions, and green screen videos
  • Collaborate with teachers to create videos for classroom integration including: podcasts, videos, news productions, and green screen videos
  • Create flipped lessons for student instruction across common core subjects
  • Develop classroom projects and exemplars to integrate with classroom curriculum
  • Compare different media production apps to utilize the strengths of each application
  • Empower teachers to facilitate a project based learning environment for students
  • Develop lesson plans to transform classroom curriculum to media based projects
  • Design and develop formative assessment activities using media production tools including: podcasts, videos, and green screen videos.
  • Create a library of tutorials to help students problem solve basic troubleshooting
  • Develop an integration plan for implementing media production projects
  • Design a physical studio space for a classroom