About Us

K12 Continuing Education


The Experience

PD blended courses are both face-to-face and online so that teachers can learn best in non-stress, flexible environments. Our goal is to inspire teachers to impact learning by providing rigor on instruction and fostering critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.  Technology alone cannot transform classroom instruction. Our courses connect the technology with content and pedagogy, also known as TPCK, to help teachers strengthen teaching practice using 21st century skills.

We take pride in delivery high quality professional learning and small class sizes!

Our courses were designed so teachers can move at their own pace, spend time applying new concepts in their classroom with students, and reflect on their development through understanding the difference between enhancement of learning versus transformation.


Our Beliefs

We believe technology can help deepen understanding of classroom learning and engage students on high level when lessons are designed correctly. We facilitate our face-to-face modules by modeling these best practices of professional development, models of instructional strategies, and of course, hands-on engagement! We believe that through reflective learning, conversation, and collaboration, teachers can best innovate learning environments for students.

Our instructors are experienced classroom teachers with strong backgrounds in adult education, many of whom are recognized educators on the state and/or national level. All of our instructors work together to improve the learning experience of the course participants through collaboration and post-course evaluation. We’re always striving to improve results and we’re always updating our course content!

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Our Approach

PD Campus is a professional development organization who engages K12 teachers in hands-on learning to strengthen teaching practices and transform learning in the classroom using 21st century tools, resources, and best pedagogical practices.

3 Professional Development Graduate Credits


Through our partnership with the University of North Dakota, we offer 3 graduate-level professional development credits for all of our courses.  Upon courses completion, participant will receive an official University Transcript.

Courses are also available in Non-credit version where participants can receive credit hours to submit for Act 48.