Blended Learning with Schoology

Online – Jun 26, 2022

Class Overview

Course Code: T&L 2900, Blended Learning with Schoology

This course examines how blended learning can be utilized as a method that transforms traditional methods of teaching and learning in the classroom.  Participants will gain an understanding that with the strategic use of technology and a 21st-century mindset, learning can be personalized and responsive, meeting the needs of all learners.  With blended learning, teachers can harness organizational and instructional tools to promote creativity, flexibility, and co-learning in the classroom.

In a world requiring educators to be able to transition instruction online, this course will provide the framework for exactly how teachers can accomplish this feat.  Blended learning environments are useful if everyone is working remotely, a portion of a class is, or even when all students and teachers are in a traditional face to face class.  Successful blended learning environments create digital workflows where both the students and the teacher seamlessly navigate to online activities.

In this course, designed for K-12 educators, participants will learn the management structures to create a successful blended learning environment.  More specifically, Schoology will be used as an integral part of the class. Participants will leave with a high-level understanding of Schoology and how to build a completely blended class through the LMS.

Learning Goals


  • Explore different blended learning models and instruction
  • Organize and Prepare for a Blended Learning Classroom Environment
  • Utilize Schoology to create interactive learning experiences
  • Establish workflow norms for both in person or online teaching and learning
  • Manage an LMS to bring together instruction, teaching, and parent/community involvement
  • Create interactive and engaging lessons, including choice boards and workshop model plans
  • Develop strategies to leave the “sage on the stage” role in a face to face and digital environment.
  • Facilitate collaborative projects
  • Reflect on integrated learning experiences 
  • Connect data collected to effective and meaningful feedback
  • Participate in problem-solving tasks and processes


Course Cost


Class Location


Date and Time

  • Jun 26, 2022
  • (08:00 am - 08:00 am)


This course is 100% online. Weekly learning modules will be released over a 6 week duration.

Through our partnership with the University of North Dakota, we offer 3 graduate-level professional development credits for all of our courses. Upon courses completion, participants will receive an official University Transcript. Courses are also available in Non-credit version where participants can receive credit hours to submit for Act 48.